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Growing up, my mother always made great baked goods. I wanted to learn how to make some of those baked goods for my own benefit. After working for several years as an attorney and making different cheesecakes for my family and friends, I decided to start my own business, specializing in baked goods.

Some of these desserts can be found in restaurants around Chicago and some are family recipes. All of them are delicious and available to the public. Now you can enjoy some of these delicious desserts in your home, for a nominal fee, of course.


"The cakes from The Baked Escape are reliably delicious...truly a feast for the senses. The S'mores Cake is a personal favorite, conjuring up fond childhood memories while indulging my very adult sweet tooth!" — Christine
"I ordered from The Baked Escape for Thanksgiving, the chocolate lava cakes, the pumpkin caramel cake, and the chocolate pecan pie. It was the first time I brought in for the holiday, and I could not have been happier! The chocolate pecan pie had the flakiest crust and was so wonderfuly decadent. The lava cakes were a huge hit with everyone, heated up they melted in your mouth. Finally the pumpkin caramel cake was a huge success. Everyone commented on how moist and delicious it was and actually took slices of it home with them. The Baked Escape was professional and the desserts are worth every bite! I am already looking forward to next Thanksgiving to order again!" — Jocelyn
"Whether fresh out of the oven or eaten 7 days later as a cure for a hangover, those Cheesecakes are still delicious" — Dallas
"The pumpkin caramel pound cake is very moist and flavorful." — Jill
"The Baked Escape's desserts are truly one of a kind. I have had the chance to taste a variety of desserts and have also served these desserts at birthday and holiday get togethers and every time people always ask where they can buy it." — Trent
"I wanted to personally thank you for making me a "special" Brownie Bottom Cheesecake. Since being diagnosed with Celiac Disease it is medically necessary to follow a strict gluten free diet, and I was just overwhelmed by how delicious and "real" the cake tasted!" — Kathy
"The Baked Escape's cheesecakes have become well-known in my circle of friends. When I got laid off from a job, I was gifted with the white chocolate cheesecake with raspberry swirl and chocolate crust. What a pick-me-upper! So delicious, I didn't want to share. Over time I have tried several other Baked Escape desserts and you really can't go wrong with any of them. The warm chocolate lava cakes are to die for! So decadent!" — Rachelle


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